Technology has advanced communication in our day-to-day living.
Also, it has become essential to productivity in all businesses, and that’s why
companies today understand the need to integrate technology into their growth
strategy. Companies today aims at engaging their customers, keep track of
measurable goals, and ensure that they are on the same page working towards the
set objectives. With efficiency in service provision, it becomes easier for the
involved parties. There are many upcoming technological tools which have
facilitated effective interactions.  A “ chatbot”  for instance, is key to any business today.

Chatbots are powerful computer
programs powered by artificial intelligence (AI) software designed to
automatically simulate a conversation or “a chat” between people and services.
Chatbots understands the audio and textual communication and interpret its meaning.
This application communicates and performs basic tasks through chat interfaces
including; SMS text, Slack, websites, mobile apps, and social messaging
services like Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly, through a bot, you can
receive essential support and the required information thus boosting productivity and excellent performance.

Tasks handled by a chatbot to improve one’s efficiency

  • Data processing
  • Financial alerts
  • Customer service
  • Ordering goods or services
  • Automated industry updates
  • Scheduling
    and calendar reminders

A research findings presented at the 4th International Conference
on Internet Science in November 2017 identified why people choose to interact
with chatbots and how successful they are in businesses. This research explains
the main factors that motivate people to use chatbots. Among them include
social and relational factors, curiosity, productivity, and entertainment.

Small and medium-sized businesses have an excellent
in applying chatbots to
improve customer experience. Some of the ways which these small-business owners
enhance customer experience through a chatbot include; Enhancement of their
social presence by resolving social issues, better services on
tablets/smartphones to create more streamlined app interfaces, and handle
specialized tasks.

Besides, businesses using chatbots to automate conversations
realize many benefits which improve their daily living. Some of the benefits

Generate leads and revenue

For any online store, one would like to have gathered information
to support it in one way or the other. As said earlier, interaction gets passed
through a user and chat interfaces such as social media platforms. However, the
essential factors to consider are how much attention your customers pay to the
sources and how much time they spend on each platform.  Remember, a bot
can ask the necessary and related questions to generate ones’ lead. These
automated questions help users share the vital information to get higher
conversation rates and to make certain that the flow is in the appropriate
direction.  Through this, the best and
quality leads are delivered to the sales organization thus a happier team.

Cost savings

Implementing an automated conversation is much faster and cheaper
than hiring employees to handle each task. That’s why businesses employ a
variety of social listening tools to manage many customers at once and simultaneously. Using these
tools, you will not only save on employee costs but also avoid the problems
caused by human errors. Also, user acquisition is also associated with the
lower price since customers can easily access chatbots faster.

Monitoring consumer data

The feedback customers collect from the chatbot’s simple questions
are very useful. After getting the information, you can make improvements in
your products or services more so, optimize your website. Remember, your bot
can reach out to customers with a survey to know why they are leaving the Page
without buying the products. Also, using chatbot helps businesses decide which
products to market more, which to redevelop for a relaunch, and which to sell

Provide support and a more comfortable approach to global markets

It doesn’t matter whether you are a local brand ready for global
business or an international brand with customers worldwide; chatbots can
provide quick answers in an emergency. Also, they can solve your customer care
problems within a 24/7 support and in multiple languages. Through this, the
average time to respond to customers is minimized thus multiple incoming
requests are handled faster. However, businesses which do not offer 24/7 support
can use a robust chatbot when their business is closed to get the required

Increased customer engagement

It’s essential to keep your customers engaged with your brand to
keep them on your platform longer. According to research, customers who participate
with companies over social media are more loyal, and they spend by 20% to 40%
more with those companies than other customers. Interestingly, chatbots can
contribute by making the engagement more interactive with a great sense of

To keep up with the trends

It’s fascinating to stay updated with the trends and changes in
the market. Chatbots helps one be an early adopter of specific technological
developments. Besides, businesses which apply a bot get a clear view of who to
hire to keep an eye on their job market. Following the chatbot technology
trends also helps one keep his or her skills up-to-date. Failing to keep up
with trends, may be harmful to companies that are interested in the valuable
and changing skills.

Make training more effective

Training of employees through a bot is an important process and
development. Employees’ development involves providing them with specific
knowledge and skills to boost their productivity. Some of the chatbot training
includes software training, soft skills training, sales training, and business
training. Consequently, bots are great tools for practice and assessment.
Remember that, chatbots are on the verge of making apps and traditional web
pages obsolete.

Though, personal training has been a daunting task worldwide. The
training gets filled with slides by numerous mentors and a gruesome procedure
since there are diverse roles, departments, and functions within the enterprise
that needs attention.   

As we have seen earlier, chatbots are useful in customer service,
sales, internal communication, and marketing. Many businesses are starting to
embrace it to expand their business horizons. If you have not started an
experiment in your workplace with this new channel, then what are you waiting
for? Through its application, one can fully improve his or her business. Note
that, chatbots are amazingly efficient for both customers and brands/companies;
they are just becoming more productive.

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